Module 3.2 — Wash And Prepare Your Skin

Module 3 Video Playlist:

Step 2: Wash and Prepare Your Skin

Always wash your skin before derma rolling. As we go through our day, our skin begins to carry various forms of dirt, dust, pollution, and other harmful substances. Each of these are referred to as free radicals.

Failing to wash your skin beforehand is an easy way to infect your skin after the treatment. If needles puncture your skin, tracking free radicals and injecting them into a deeper skin layer, then they'll do that much more damage.

Consider showering beforehand to jumpstart your success and get on the right track by washing your skin.

Recommended Products

Not sure what facial cleanser and/or body wash is best to use? We've thought of that for you. To see which cleansers we recommend for dermarolling, click on the links below:

  • Facial Wash  (wash your face BEFORE derma rolling)

  • Body Wash  (consider a shower to wash your body BEFORE derma rolling)