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Module 2.2 — Safely Switching Roller Heads

Module 2 Video Playlist:

How To Safely Switch Roller Head Attachments

Different needle sizes are intended to treat different skin conditions and/or skin thickness. Find out how you can use each of the roller head sizes that came with your derma roller kit.

Recommended Products

When your needles become dull, it's time to replace your roller heads. Use this section to find out what types and sizes of roller heads that we produce. Just click on the links below:

  • 1.0mm Replacement Roller Head  (typically used for the face, neck, and along the arms; but feel free to use it anywhere if it's your first time)

  • 1.5mm Replacement Roller Head  (typically used for the body, legs, and other areas where thick skin is present; while usually for the seasoned derma roller user, anyone can use it to treat their skin concerns)

  • 0.5mm Replacement Roller Head  (typically used for under-eyes, around the nose, and other hard to reach areas; be careful around your eyes