How To Use

Cleanse feet and pat dry. Our customers love our Vitamin C Cleanser

Remove one pair of booties from their packaging and snip open with scissors until your feet can fit inside without tearing the plastic.

Use sticky tabs to seal your feet in. For best results, put socks over your booties and consider wearing shoes too.

Treatment lasts 1 hour. Sit down and listen to a podcast, watch your favorite Netflix original, or read a good book. Just enjoy this "You Time"!

After 1 hour, remove your booties and rinse your skin thoroughly. Follow up with the Vitamin C Cleanser to cleanse your skin. Don't use lotion or moisturizer. Your skin needs time to dry out. Dead skin cells will begin to peel within 5 to 7 days. Full peeling may take 10 to 14 days.

For AM + PM use.



  • Don't forcibly remove dead skin. Allow it to fall off naturally. Wearing socks and not using moisturizers may help expedite the peeling process.
  • If you need moisturizer, use a non-oil based moisturizer. But avoid using moisturizer if possible until peeling has ended.
  • Wash hands thoroughly. Avoid direct contact with your eyes.