Q&A — Foot Peel Mask

How many Foot Peel booties are inside?
2 pairs of booties (4 socks total). You can have a Foot Peel Party with your friends or use one now, and the other next month.

Are the Foot Peel booties re-usable?
No, single use only for each sock.

After my treatment, how do I take care of my feet?
Soak your feet daily if possible. Most of our customers report bathing regularly, but using the plug while in the shower so feet can soak. Do not use lotion if possible. On the off chance your feet get too dry to the point of discomfort, you may lightly add an oil-free moisturizer.

Do I need to use a Foot Peel Mask every day for two weeks?
No, just wear your booties for 1 hour, then your feet will do the rest. You'll notice that it may take 3 to 7 days for the peeling to start, then two more weeks to fully peel. Everyone is different, so your results may vary.

My heel is very rough. Can I use this Foot Peel Mask?
Yes, it's used by people who experience dry and rough skin on the soles, or who have a build up of leads skin cells on their heels and toes.

Should I wash my feet after wearing booties?
Yes, after 1 hour of wearing your Foot Peel Mask, rinse your feet thoroughly. Do not add lotion until the peel process is complete (after two to three weeks). If your feet get uncomfortably dry, then you may use an oil-free lotion once in a while.

Do I need to stay seated while wearing my Foot Peel Socks?
No, you're welcome to walk around if you like. Just make sure your feet are still soaking in the gel. When you're walking, it's easy for the gel to get squished to the side of your feet. That's why we recommend wearing regular socks over your Foot Peel booties. For best results, choose your favorite lazy activity that can be done from the couch (watch your favorite show on Netflix, write in your journal, read a book/magazine, or call your friend).

After using the Foot Peel booties, I noticed that I still have some leads skin cells on my soles. When can I use these again?
You can use your second pair just 2 weeks after your previous foot peel session.

How often do you recommend the use of this Foot Peel Mask?
Whenever you notice the build up of dead skin cells. We recommend at least once every 2 months or so. Timeframes vary between individuals.