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Many Women Feel They Are Not Enough... I Got Sick Of Hearing It

I strongly believe that all women -- ALL WOMEN -- are beautiful. It's who we are. We bring fun, desire, and light to the world just by being. But too often, we get in the way of ourselves, and when we do, we have less to offer and become less attractive. Whether because of media, family pressure, or just from our own negative perception of ourselves, if we keep carrying it around, it will slowly tear us apart, making us age faster than we should.

When we lose our light, the running wheel starts to spin. We look for anything that will slow or cover up the signs of that stress (wrinkles, lines, stretch marks). We don't want the world to see who we've become. And that's a hard life to live. But the sad fact is that the more we strive to cover up who we are, the previous results magnify.

Conveniently, in our moment of weakness, traditional cosmetic companies enter the scene. "We've got just the thing for you. Take a look at this such-and-such a product that will..."

Regrettably, I bought into this from quite a young age. It took me a while to wrap my mind around what the cosmetic and fashion industries were really spinning. It's definitely not beauty, but a cheap copycat of it to bring them hordes of repeat customers. They'd convince you that "age is weakness and that a few pounds are undesirable. And too much of each will not get you noticed, seen, or flirted with. You're not valued."


They lie. Here's the REAL truth!

How you feel about yourself and how much you enjoy yourself is what makes you truly attractive. Beauty is a natural result of embracing who you are right now with gratitude and joy. Exactly as you are.

And so started my quest and aim for Puruskin. Our goal is to help women everywhere find their true selves. As they do, they naturally feel valued and attractive. They come to love themselves and look brighter, healthier, and overall better today than they did yesterday.

We honor women who know worth and inspire others everyday to find their own, making the world a better place one woman at a time.

DIVIDERWith the recent boom of private label companies, far too much emphasis is being placed on profits

Often those new owners are concerned about spending little on their sourced products. What's more, the customer's needs are often ignored. Even in the event that a product is good, there's very little follow-up to ensure that the customer actually knows how to properly use their product. 

All of our products are produced in small batches to ensure quality inspection, freshness, and sanitary packaging conditions. All Puruskin products are based and supported by results, science, are formulated by our lab experts, are backed by applicable knowledge in the skincare and anti-aging industries.

All creams, lotions, serums, and masks are Made in the USA, while our skin care tools are manufactured in China.

We honor women who know worth and inspire others everyday to find their own, making the world a better place one woman at a time.