Pure Argan Oil

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GIVE YOUR SKIN EXTRA RADIANCE! If you are looking for a skin care product that takes your skin to the next level of awesome, you will love our Puruskin Argan Oil. Apply a couple drops to your face and neck before bed, and wake-up to skin that looks extra hydrated, soft, and radiant.  You’ll have more reasons to smile when you look in the mirror!

Nutrient-rich properties provide powerful benefits your skin craves — Vitamin E and essential fatty acids for deep hydration and healing. The benefits and uses of Argan Oil are astounding!  

Huge 4 ounce bottle!

Where does Argan Oil come from?
Any argan oil worth its salt comes from the nuts of the argan tree (called "Argania Spinosa"). The nuts are cracked by hand by local women of Morocco. The seed is then extracted and ground into an oil or paste. Here's where the magic happens and where our oil leaves the rest behind! Our oil and paste are cold pressed THREE times to keep all of the nutrients and goodness in your bottle of Organic Argan Oil!

What vitamins and nutrients are inside Argan Oil?
There's a HUGE percentage of Vitamin E in every drop of Argan Oil. But what makes this even more powerful is that other components are naturally found inside! Components like Palmitic acid, Linoleic acid, and Stearic acid... all of which help to nourish your skin, grant age-defying power, and helps repair damaged hair.

What ingredients are inside?
No joke, this contains no additives whatsoever! Inside you'll find 100% pure, unadulterated certified organic virgin triple cold pressed Argan Oil (Argania Spinosa).

Why do you use an amber bottle?
Basically, amber bottles throw shade in the best way! They protect the argan oil against sunlight photo-oxidation caused by the sun's UV rays. If the oil wasn't protected, then the UV rays could change the components of the contents inside a bottle or cause ingredients to spoil prematurely. Bottom line, the amber bottle we used allows your Argan Oil to be preserved in the most natural state possible!  



Cleanse face and pat dry. Our customers love our Vitamin C Facial Cleanser


Apply Argan Oil to your hands and fingers, then massage over your legs, arms, thighs, chest, face, neck and back areas. 


Apply to your damp or dry hair and allow it to sit and air dry. Argan Oil adds its unique healing and boosting properties to your hair and finger nails too!

For AM + PM use.



  • If hair is wet, apply 1 to 2 drops to the ends, then allow them to air dry to get that sleek, healthy shine you want. If hair is dry, apply from mid-length down to the tips so you can get those flyaways under control.
  • May be used under body creams or makeup.
  • Apply to damp skin for best results, like immediately after bathing or cleansing your face or skin.
  • For maximum results, use our Total Body Derma Roller BEFORE applying Argan Oil.